Building WKB4J

This project is "powered by" Maven , a new tool designed to support the development effort of programmers by handling repetitive tasks like the build process and the generation of documentation. For example, this whole website was generated by Maven from some documentation files, the source code of the project and some build properties.

In order to compile and generate the documentation, you must download and install Maven. It seems like a daunting task, but really it as simple as downloading Maven , unpacking it and calling maven java:compile .

In order to be able to compile, you must download the libraries specified on this page: dependancies . In theory, Maven should download most of the required libraries for you. However, this isn't so. First some libraries are not or uncorrectly loaded in Maven's global repository . This is the case for Postgresql, Jts and Postgis, so theses libraries are distributed in the distribution file of WKB4J. Second, some libraries are not free as in freedom, like OpenMap, so you will have to download them yourself. Once downloaded, the lib raries must be copied in the Maven's local repository.